Thursday, May 2, 2013

Unknows Motorola Device Leaked, Possibly the new "X-Phone"

The X-Phone is supposed to be Google's cream of the crop, going for no compromises, and going all out on upgrades and customization. From multiple colors, build materials, and storage, this is the one device are many looking forward to. With Google I/O only a few weeks away, leaks of a new Motorola device have now been pictured.

Now this device has been encased in a shell to protect the actual look of the device, but still bears a resemblance to the Nexus 4 thanks to its slight wide corners, you can definitely tell there was some Google influence here. While there are references to AT&T such as "AT&T" written in the notification tray, and with AT&T written on the back it could signal that Google is going to move to more carriers other than T-Mobile to expand their reach.

While the device is still in its shell, it's suspiciously labeled "XFON" (see image below) which could hint that this could be the AT&T variant of the X-Phone that many have been looking for. While no confirmations can be made, all we can do is wait until Google I/O on the 15th to get the full story.

Wednesday, May 1, 2013

AT&T Samsung Galaxy S4 Bootloader Unlocked

Many AT&T Galaxy S4 owners were very disappointed that their flagship phone was riddled with the issue of a locked bootloader, meaning any desires of flashing a custom ROM were destroyed. Though root access was gained on all the S4 variants on the U.S carriers, it still meant you were limited to Samsung's own flavor of Android. 

Luckily this has changed thanks to Dan Rosenberg  who had tweeted an image earlier today showing an unlocked bootloader running on the AT&T S4. Dan had also confirmed that it has allowed him flash custom recoveries and kernels (and of course, ROMs). He's also certain that his method should work for Verizon's variant of the S4 as well. Though he hasn't released any unlocking software yet, in fear that the carriers may plug up the hole before launch. This should pave the way for ROM development and bring even more features to the S4. 

Source: XDA