Tuesday, April 30, 2013

Snapdargon 800 to go in to Mass Production in May

Qualcomm is back at it again, announcing that their successor to the Snapdragon 600 will go in to mass production in May. Other than the higher number SKU, the Snapdragon 800 features a boatload of newer features compared to the 600.

First off it runs at a ridiculous clock speed of 2.3Ghz, but it compensates for the huge power drain by running the speed of each core at a different speed and sometimes shutting a few cores completely down, the CPU is able to keep the horsepower, without sacrificing battery life. The higher clock speed is also enhanced through the new Krait 400 architecture. It also ships with an upgraded GPU. It now comes with a Adreno 330 which supports 4K video playback, but at the time 4K hasn't taken off so you won't be needing it anytime soon.

While no device has been announced running the new SoC, it seems pretty likely that HTC will have a mid-year refresh like they had with the One X and One X+, and as always Samsung will be waiting with another Galaxy.

Source: Techno Buffalo

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