Monday, January 14, 2013

Crucial M500

So that hard drive you were looking at had 1000GB of storage, yet you really want that SSD over there, but it is only half that at 500GB, there shall be no more compromises. Crucial and Micron have come together to release the M500 SSD. This is not your run of the mill drive because it has 960GB of storage for less than $600. By using Micron’s MLC NAND technology and Crucial’s controller they could accomplish such a feat. This specific drive will be in the retailers in the next two months or so with the 1tb version at $600, as long as 120, 240, and 480gb models for less. As for specs they all have about the same read speed at around 500MB/s and 130MB/s write speed on the 120, 240, and 480GB models, and about 400MB/s on the 960 GB model.
To put all of this in retrospect, Samsung is the leader in solid state drives at the moment, and their highest capacity drive is 512GB of storage (830 series), and the pricing of 830 series is about $480 which means if you put in about $120 more you would get twice the storage with about the same read/write speeds.

And here is a chart to wrap your brain around: 

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