Monday, November 5, 2012

Apple May be Looking at ARM for Future Macs

According to a recent report from Bloomberg, it seems Apple is working on a version of the Mac that will be compatible with the ARM architecture instead of the regular Intel chips that they currently use. As the gap between mobile devices and mobile computing starts to close, it only makes sense that the ARM architecture be adopted. Just like how Microsoft is rolling out Windows RT (Windows 8 on ARM), Apple may follow their footsteps. And it seems history may repeat itself, since in the good old days of PowerPC Apple was using chips manufactured  by Motorola, but switched to Intel because Intel chips generated less heat and ran faster. And now with the recent acquisition of chip producing companies it seems even more likely. Since ARM chips run much cooler, and with the help of the ARM A-50 architecture, it may seem x86's days are over (at least they will still have homes in server racks). Of course this won't be starting immediately, around 2017 is the estimated date. As Apple approaches creating more and more components in house the probability of this happening increases. And with the success of Apple's A6 chip its no secret that Apple can make a pretty good chip. Its no longer an if, it's more of a when.

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