Tuesday, September 11, 2012

Amazon's Limited Offer: $99 Galaxy S III With Contract!

 WOAH. From $699.99 to $99?! That's a bit intense there, Samsung. Apparently Amazon is giving out a major deal for customers out there. Their newest offer, a $99 S3 with a contract. The price drop is only going to be very limited so for the ones who want this deal, go out for this grab NOW. Obviously no one is going to give you such an amazing phone for $99 only. You'll have to get a contract with Sprint, AT&T, or Verizon it's your pick. At one point, you will pay more than the original price, but it's better than buying the phone at full price, right? You can go to this link (click here) and get whatever you want, but be sure to get the right plan that really fits you!

 Source Amazon
 Via Engadget

C-3P0 from www.pyrito.com covering for The Tech Li0n

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