Friday, August 24, 2012

Seoul Court Rules On Apple and Samsung

We may not know what's going on in the Jury's mind in California, but we might see something along the lines of what's happening here. Recently a Seoul court has ruled that both companies have infringed on each others patents and both get a small financial slap, plus with some of their toys take away as well. Most of the products lost were previous gen products and don't apply too their latest handsets. For Apple, the lost $35,000 and the iPhone 4, plus the iPad 2. On Samsung's side they lost a smaller $22,000, losing the Galaxy Nexus, S, and SII. The patents Apple infringed were some based off of communications, and Samsung infringed Apple's patents on an animation where a user scrolls past a webpage. The money lost isn't the large factor. In fact the banning of the devices will hurt the companies the most. This won't affect us here in the U.S, but it may be a warning to what might happen in the future, and what might happen here as well. My advice: Go out and buy a Nexus or iPhone which ever you prefer, because you may not see it at your local store ever again.

Source: Pyrito

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