Friday, August 3, 2012

Samsung Confirms Successor to Galaxy Note to be Unveiled on August 29th

The popular android phone has finally got a refresh, this time a little bit early. 2 days to be exact. Just 2 days before IFA at Samsung's own Unpacked event. Much like the Galaxy SIII launch, for now we have no confirmations on the specs, but we do have a list of supposed specs. A 5.5" screen and of course ICS, plus Samsung's latest Exynos. No word yet on if the display is to be PenTile or a full RGB matrix. But I'm leaning more towards a matrix because it won't be as hard to produce due to a larger screen size. Now we just have to wait for the Galaxy Note 10.1

But I wan't to know what you guys think, should Samsung continue in increasing the screen size, or will it just become to big? I currently own a Samsung Galaxy Player 5.0 which is already big enough for me, but 5.5 may just be the perfect pocketable size for on the go entertainment. But in no means is this an iPod Shuffle, trust me.

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