Wednesday, August 1, 2012

Republic Wireless Now Open To All

After waiting nearly a year, Republic Wireless has finally opened up for everyone. The "WiFi People" service ingeniously used Wi-Fi for using calls, texts, and of course data over Wi-Fi whenever available. Essentially  switching from VOIP and back. Now the extremely low price per month is achieved through Sprints 3G network unlike the WiMax network every other carrier is getting. Using Sprint's 3G is extremely slow, but the utilization of Wi-Fi is sure to combat that. The only phone that is currently available is the Motorola Defy XT which is definitively a step up from the previously available Optimus One, or the Optimus S. This phone is CDMA meaning you can't swap out SIM cards. But it still is a step up from the previous Optimus. The first time fee is a hefty $278, that includes the phone, start up fee, and the first month of service. After that it's a low fee of $19 per month. Hopefully more and more devices make their way to Republic's line up, but for now you're stuck with a relatively budget smartphone.

Via: Pyrito
Source: Republic Wireless

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