Monday, August 13, 2012

Radio Shack to Release its Own MVNO?

It seems almost everyone is getting in to the pre-paid business. After hosting all the other carriers, the Shack has decided to get in on the game as well. This time going with Cricket Wireless. No SIMs here meaning its all CDMA, not the best way to go if you're traveling abroad. Plus with Cricket's spotty coverage it doesn't seem they'll be getting many customers. Though with Muve Music (Cricket's music service) being standard it does seem compelling. Devices that are to be released are the Huawei Mercury, the Huawei Pillar, and a device from Alcatel. Still no word on the iPhone even though Cricket does have the device. Of course by going with a carrier that isn't that is clogged up speeds should be better, unlike Sprint who has an astounding 20 MVNOs operating on their network. But we'll see what happens, but again this could just be another "Test" that Gamestop also did with their own supposed MVNO that never was.

Your move, Best Buy

Source: Engadget
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