Thursday, August 9, 2012

OTA Updates Coming To a ROM Near You

The one advantage that many stock ROMs had was the ability to update over the air with no need of getting your hands dirty with the recovery. Some apps such as ROM Manager managed some functionality along the lines of OTA yet costed Money and didn't detect if you were using a ported version of CWM. No longer shall you fret (or see CWM). The generically named OTA Update Center is here. Bringing all that a Flash Happy dev would need. Unlike the low database of ROMs that CWM provided OTA lets any developer come and add their ROM to OTA's database, creating large compatibility. Plus allowing the user to wipe all their caches before hand so no work will be done by the user. Of course this is still new, meaning there are a few bugs, but are to be caught in a while.  So soon enough we can download our ROMs without ever flashing them. Now we wait for the day we can do this without root (which is of course impossible, yet developers have found a way to do many things that were thought impossible), so now we wait...

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