Tuesday, August 21, 2012

LG and Sony to Manufacture Next Nexus Devices

According to a report from WSJ, the rumor of Google releasing 5 new Nexus devices may finally come true. This time coming from LG and Sony. Dubbed the Optimus Nexus and Xperia Nexus. Bringing the manufacturers names along as well. No specs or any other information was provided in the report. But looking at the past of both companies you can probably expect a budget model from LG, and a mid-end to high end device from Sony. It seems very believable due to the fact that Google added AOSP support for the Xperia S so we could see a re-branding in the near future. Now how these OEMs differentiate them selves from each other is unknown, but then again these are all rumors and we'll just have to wait till the expected November release.

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