Sunday, August 12, 2012

Judge Orders Samsung and Apple to Meet

Just like siblings, there are times for the parent to come in. There are different stories on each side and who believe them, but sometimes its good to make up and be friends again. But just like an awkward couple, both companies would reply "it's complicated". Since Samsung has been providing parts for a lot of Apple products, yet are taking each other down in court. And just like a responsible parent they would be disappointed. That's what Judge Koh says at least. Since both companies have been accused for impending the jury process and both have blamed each other on many accounts. Apple says that it " has tried diligently to advance the process, Samsung has stymied those efforts". Where as Samsung "agreed to more than twenty revised instructions proposed by Apple and is continuing to review Apple's remaining disputed instructions for any common ground,". For now the jury hasn't been told about Steve Jobs' comments on Android and the destroyed evidence, and Apple went as far as preventing the Samsung logo being shown on equipment so it wouldn't seem the court has a favor on Samsung. As far as I can tell this looks like a forced settlement to me, since this argument could go on for decades (ahem, fanboys), now if we could just get them to hug it out.   
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