Friday, August 10, 2012

Is This the New Dock Connector?

After rumor after rumor of the iPhone 5, a new dock connector has appeared. Sporting the Apple color scheme that we all know and love. This time bringing both form and function to the table. Solving the width and the hassle of plugging in the dock correctly, Apple may have finally found the answer, a dual sided connector. Featuring 16 pins (8 on each side) a downgrade from the previous 30. This new design seems very likely due to the way it is built and looks. And it also seems like there is no locking mechanism meaning they could have moved to magnets just like they did with MagSafe on their line of Macbooks. But the dual sided pins may be more for function rather than convenience due to the fact that the utilization of two sides creates more surface area for the pins while still leaving it relatively small. If this is true we can expect a huge wave of angry customers who poured hundreds in to accessories, but don't worry, Apple is sure to release an adapter (eventually).
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