Tuesday, August 14, 2012

Adobe Kills Flash for Mobile

It seems Jobs was right, at least from now on. The once main marketing feature of Android and another non Apple devices was Flash. But now that its been killed off, many of us will look towards HTML 5. And that's the reason Adobe killed Flash off. No worries though, they're just killing development, meaning if you have flash on your Android you will still be able to use it, just don't expect any updates. Though many of that have used Flash on mobile it is a pain due to the lack of mouse input. But it did make web browsing sluggish on older hardware, yet made the web complete. But on the bright side it will push development for HTML 5 and make the web a better place (just check out our site). Still its long before Adobe kills of Flash for desktop, but Apple still doesn't like it, even on Mac. So it brings up a final question. When will Flash for desktop be killed off? Leave your answers down in the comments below, now if you'll excuse me I have to go to a mourning.

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