Tuesday, August 7, 2012

A Look at ARM's Latest GPU

The very popular Mali 400MP has finally got a long needed upgrade. The Mali 400MP was used on the Galaxy SII and SIII. Providing amazing visuals and smoothness. Though the one downside of the old GPU was that it couldn't do full 1080p. Which is one of the reasons why the Note 10.1 doesn't have at 1920 x 1200 resolution, unlike some other Tegra tablets. But no longer shall you media freaks fret, the new Mali- T604 has more than 1080 to satisfy your needs. Featuring the long awaited A15 architecture which is sure to dwarf any quad core A9 out at the moment. Now lets get to the GPU it self, featuring a quad core GPU set up (nothing compared to the 12 Tegra 3 has). Also throwing in support for Open GL ES 3.0 and 5x the performance over previous Mali GPUs.  For now all that we know is that the transistor size will be around 28-40nm, meaning it could be Samsung (28,32nm), Quallcomm (28nm), nVidia (40nm) , or possibly the OMAP 5, though TI has a history of going with PowerVR GPUs instead. Plus Qualcomm goes with their own Adreno GPUs instead. My bet is that this is the Exynos 5 powering the demo tablet. For now Samsung has been relatively quiet about the Exynos 5, though we may see this waddle its way in to the high end Nexus phone out of the five that are to be released in November, now one question remains, battery life.
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