Saturday, August 25, 2012

The Jury Has Spoken! A Look at Tech's Largest Trial

The inevitable end has occurred. To the trial that got on the Judge's nerves and confused the jury, after a 21hr and 37min discussion, the jury has decided that Samsung should be the one to pay. 1 billion dollars. Still less than what Apple had asked for, but still in the end Samsung has lost. No devices have been banned yet, but the injunction still is to be determined. Now there are two sides to the tale. Samsung lost over the pinch to zoom patent that Apple owns. In Samsung's defense you can't copy what has already been stolen. Saying that Mitsubishi already had developed the technology a while back, but never patented it. Yet Apple was first to implement and patent it on a mobile device making it a totally new type of patent.

Friday, August 24, 2012

Seoul Court Rules On Apple and Samsung

We may not know what's going on in the Jury's mind in California, but we might see something along the lines of what's happening here. Recently a Seoul court has ruled that both companies have infringed on each others patents and both get a small financial slap, plus with some of their toys take away as well. Most of the products lost were previous gen products and don't apply too their latest handsets. For Apple, the lost $35,000 and the iPhone 4, plus the iPad 2. On Samsung's side they lost a smaller $22,000, losing the Galaxy Nexus, S, and SII. The patents Apple infringed were some based off of communications, and Samsung infringed Apple's patents on an animation where a user scrolls past a webpage. The money lost isn't the large factor. In fact the banning of the devices will hurt the companies the most. This won't affect us here in the U.S, but it may be a warning to what might happen in the future, and what might happen here as well. My advice: Go out and buy a Nexus or iPhone which ever you prefer, because you may not see it at your local store ever again.

Source: Pyrito

Thursday, August 23, 2012

Microsoft Unveils New Logo

Seems like the Windows 8 logo takes another victim, this time the Windows Logo. Bringing a simplistic look which is sure to represent Widows 8. And this logo change has been long overdue, 25 years to be exact. Of course there is going to be some resistance before everyone jumps on to the bandwagon. But this is a change that's more dear to our hearts. Some of us aren't even as old as the original logo. But here's what we can expect. A whole knew look for the next wave of Microsoft products. Conspiracy thoughts aside, this is a new step for Microsoft, and it seems freakish Microsoft might as well win some customers over from Mac.

Wednesday, August 22, 2012

T-Mobile Adds Unlimited with No Throttling Data

Following in the footsteps of Sprint (and hopefully away from the limited data era) T-Mobile has released their own unlimited no throttling data service. All for the low cost of $20 per month, that is, with you paying for a non subsidized phone. But if you don't want to pay full for the phone the total cost would be $30 a month. Stil with no hotspot capability, which means you'll have to go back to the regular 5GB and 10GB plans T-Mobile offers. T-Mobile hasn't commented on whether it will offer the service on LTE. But you do save $20 compared to the other carriers, but you still will be paying for the device. If it does make its way to prepaid it will be a surefire hit, but we can dream.

Tuesday, August 21, 2012

LG and Sony to Manufacture Next Nexus Devices

According to a report from WSJ, the rumor of Google releasing 5 new Nexus devices may finally come true. This time coming from LG and Sony. Dubbed the Optimus Nexus and Xperia Nexus. Bringing the manufacturers names along as well. No specs or any other information was provided in the report. But looking at the past of both companies you can probably expect a budget model from LG, and a mid-end to high end device from Sony. It seems very believable due to the fact that Google added AOSP support for the Xperia S so we could see a re-branding in the near future. Now how these OEMs differentiate them selves from each other is unknown, but then again these are all rumors and we'll just have to wait till the expected November release.

Monday, August 20, 2012

Scientists Store 704TB of Storage in One Strand of DNA

It seems the folks at Harvard are at it again. This time looking to more widespread areas. One that you never though would work as a storage device, yet nature almost uses it like one. And what they've done here is a "port". Treating each DNA base (A, C, T, and G) as a binary. By using this method and a microfludic chip that help write to the DNA. Using this they were able to fit 704TB of data on to 1 cubic millimeter. Imagine how much data you could put on a hard drive filled with DNA. Still this a new technology meaning there are a few issues. The first one being the processing time being incredibly slow, and living cells would quickly destroy the data. This still has a long way to go before you can plug in your organic drive and have endless data. But with endless storage there also needs to be endless bandwidth. Tell us what you think in the comments below!
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Sunday, August 19, 2012

Jetpack Joyride now Available on Amazon App Store

The year old popular game of avoiding lasers and rockets has finally made its way to Android. At least on the Amazon App Store. All for the low price of nothing. The one downside being that it will only work while you still have the Amazon App Store. There's no word on when it will be released on the Play Store. Be advised this is still new, meaning there are a load of optimizations to be done on the app before it becomes playable an all devices. Still there is no tablet optimized version, but it still runs with "blocky" graphics.

This is the first step for Halfbrick, since it still has to port the app on to the Playbook and other BB10 devices. Now we wait for Infinity Blade.

Friday, August 17, 2012

Xiaomi Phone to be Sold in Europe, Makes it One Step Closer to Amazon

According to Engadget's sources we may see this cheap super phone make its way to more democratic lands. Other than making it more accessible, this marks a large step for the company. Bringing stock MIUI and great hardware at an affordable price. By moving out of China developer support is sure to increase, plus adoption of MIUI as well. Using MIUI is a pleasure, taking the best of iOS and Android to the table and presenting it in a clean format. Plus more custom ROMs will be developed and may push other manufacturers to follow in their foot steps as well. Xiaomi is going to start testing in Taiwan. If all goes well, we can say good bye to the $500 prices that other e-commerce sites are selling the phone for. Expect it to come at the first half of 2013.

Source: Engadget
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Thursday, August 16, 2012

Xiaomi Phone 2 Now Announced

The iPhone from China or the Xiaomi Phone was a phone that brought power, build quality, and MIUI at an affordable price. It was so popular it almost beat the sales record of the iPhone it self! This time bringing specs no Android enthusiast could ever resist. A quad core snapdragon S4, the same one that scored well above 7,000 in Quadrant. Plus 2GB of RAM and a 28mm 2 Megapixel camera on the front with a 27mm F2.0 eight-megapixel BSI camera on the back. And an incredibly high ppi panel, a 720p 4.3" IPS screen that has a ppi of 341, that beats any other display on the market today.  Plus with great power comes horrible battery life, so the phone is packed with 2,000MAh of power, and you can opt for 3,000MAh at the cost of 2mm. Plus shipping with Jelly Bean, something other manufacturers have struggled to do. Plus featuring all the features of the previous Xiaomi. Such as dual partition, which allows you to have 2 versions of MIUI on the device. Plus security enhancements, and a Siri alternative, except it's in Chinese. All for the low price of $310, that's cheaper than the Nexus it self. But the company loses $60 producing each one. And for people on an incredibly low budget, there's the 1.7GHz Xiaomi Phone 1S which has all of these features except a dual core CPU and a lower resolution screen. 

Source: Engadget

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Tuesday, August 14, 2012

Adobe Kills Flash for Mobile

It seems Jobs was right, at least from now on. The once main marketing feature of Android and another non Apple devices was Flash. But now that its been killed off, many of us will look towards HTML 5. And that's the reason Adobe killed Flash off. No worries though, they're just killing development, meaning if you have flash on your Android you will still be able to use it, just don't expect any updates. Though many of that have used Flash on mobile it is a pain due to the lack of mouse input. But it did make web browsing sluggish on older hardware, yet made the web complete. But on the bright side it will push development for HTML 5 and make the web a better place (just check out our site). Still its long before Adobe kills of Flash for desktop, but Apple still doesn't like it, even on Mac. So it brings up a final question. When will Flash for desktop be killed off? Leave your answers down in the comments below, now if you'll excuse me I have to go to a mourning.

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Monday, August 13, 2012

Radio Shack to Release its Own MVNO?

It seems almost everyone is getting in to the pre-paid business. After hosting all the other carriers, the Shack has decided to get in on the game as well. This time going with Cricket Wireless. No SIMs here meaning its all CDMA, not the best way to go if you're traveling abroad. Plus with Cricket's spotty coverage it doesn't seem they'll be getting many customers. Though with Muve Music (Cricket's music service) being standard it does seem compelling. Devices that are to be released are the Huawei Mercury, the Huawei Pillar, and a device from Alcatel. Still no word on the iPhone even though Cricket does have the device. Of course by going with a carrier that isn't that is clogged up speeds should be better, unlike Sprint who has an astounding 20 MVNOs operating on their network. But we'll see what happens, but again this could just be another "Test" that Gamestop also did with their own supposed MVNO that never was.

Sunday, August 12, 2012

Judge Orders Samsung and Apple to Meet

Just like siblings, there are times for the parent to come in. There are different stories on each side and who believe them, but sometimes its good to make up and be friends again. But just like an awkward couple, both companies would reply "it's complicated". Since Samsung has been providing parts for a lot of Apple products, yet are taking each other down in court. And just like a responsible parent they would be disappointed. That's what Judge Koh says at least. Since both companies have been accused for impending the jury process and both have blamed each other on many accounts. Apple says that it " has tried diligently to advance the process, Samsung has stymied those efforts". Where as Samsung "agreed to more than twenty revised instructions proposed by Apple and is continuing to review Apple's remaining disputed instructions for any common ground,". For now the jury hasn't been told about Steve Jobs' comments on Android and the destroyed evidence, and Apple went as far as preventing the Samsung logo being shown on equipment so it wouldn't seem the court has a favor on Samsung. As far as I can tell this looks like a forced settlement to me, since this argument could go on for decades (ahem, fanboys), now if we could just get them to hug it out.   
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Saturday, August 11, 2012

Black Samsung S3 in the Works, Nature Says it's Charcoal Black

That makes a total of 3 colors (4 if you're on AT&T) of delightful nature inspired colors. According to a Carphone Warehouse insider. The image above may as well be the black Galaxy SIII. Though the last time there was a leak, it appeared to be a photo shopped pebble blue Galaxy SIII. But the overall execution of the image does look legitimate, did you really think Samsung would stay with blue? But I feel like I'm the only one getting a Nintendo vibe of this. Remember how they use to release new colors almost every 6 months? They say history repeats it self so expect Charcoal Black coming to a store near you.
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Friday, August 10, 2012

Is This the New Dock Connector?

After rumor after rumor of the iPhone 5, a new dock connector has appeared. Sporting the Apple color scheme that we all know and love. This time bringing both form and function to the table. Solving the width and the hassle of plugging in the dock correctly, Apple may have finally found the answer, a dual sided connector. Featuring 16 pins (8 on each side) a downgrade from the previous 30. This new design seems very likely due to the way it is built and looks. And it also seems like there is no locking mechanism meaning they could have moved to magnets just like they did with MagSafe on their line of Macbooks. But the dual sided pins may be more for function rather than convenience due to the fact that the utilization of two sides creates more surface area for the pins while still leaving it relatively small. If this is true we can expect a huge wave of angry customers who poured hundreds in to accessories, but don't worry, Apple is sure to release an adapter (eventually).
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Thursday, August 9, 2012

OTA Updates Coming To a ROM Near You

The one advantage that many stock ROMs had was the ability to update over the air with no need of getting your hands dirty with the recovery. Some apps such as ROM Manager managed some functionality along the lines of OTA yet costed Money and didn't detect if you were using a ported version of CWM. No longer shall you fret (or see CWM). The generically named OTA Update Center is here. Bringing all that a Flash Happy dev would need. Unlike the low database of ROMs that CWM provided OTA lets any developer come and add their ROM to OTA's database, creating large compatibility. Plus allowing the user to wipe all their caches before hand so no work will be done by the user. Of course this is still new, meaning there are a few bugs, but are to be caught in a while.  So soon enough we can download our ROMs without ever flashing them. Now we wait for the day we can do this without root (which is of course impossible, yet developers have found a way to do many things that were thought impossible), so now we wait...

Wednesday, August 8, 2012

Google's Latest Voice Search Revision Now on iOS

A dumbed down version of Google Now has finally arrived on iOS, an alternative to getting Siri illegally or if your device just doesn't support it. Bringing accurate voice to text and a more realistic AI to the table. Plus giving the exact look of Google Now. Plus giving access to Google's new Knowledge Graph. And the release date is pretty near, or at least "in a few days" according to Google.  And it's just an update, meaning no new app required, just get Google application for your iDevice. Of course it won't be tracking your everyday movements like Google Now does, but expect it to do something like Siri.
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Tuesday, August 7, 2012

A Look at ARM's Latest GPU

The very popular Mali 400MP has finally got a long needed upgrade. The Mali 400MP was used on the Galaxy SII and SIII. Providing amazing visuals and smoothness. Though the one downside of the old GPU was that it couldn't do full 1080p. Which is one of the reasons why the Note 10.1 doesn't have at 1920 x 1200 resolution, unlike some other Tegra tablets. But no longer shall you media freaks fret, the new Mali- T604 has more than 1080 to satisfy your needs. Featuring the long awaited A15 architecture which is sure to dwarf any quad core A9 out at the moment. Now lets get to the GPU it self, featuring a quad core GPU set up (nothing compared to the 12 Tegra 3 has). Also throwing in support for Open GL ES 3.0 and 5x the performance over previous Mali GPUs.  For now all that we know is that the transistor size will be around 28-40nm, meaning it could be Samsung (28,32nm), Quallcomm (28nm), nVidia (40nm) , or possibly the OMAP 5, though TI has a history of going with PowerVR GPUs instead. Plus Qualcomm goes with their own Adreno GPUs instead. My bet is that this is the Exynos 5 powering the demo tablet. For now Samsung has been relatively quiet about the Exynos 5, though we may see this waddle its way in to the high end Nexus phone out of the five that are to be released in November, now one question remains, battery life.
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Monday, August 6, 2012

Witness Life at a Trillion Frames per Second

That little blotch of light has a lot more than meets the eye. No this isn't some flash trickery, or Photoshop instead this is light in motion. Enter the world of Femtophotography. Life at a trillion frames per second. Your usual movie or TV show is a measly 24 frames per second where as a slow motion scene is around 60. And those fancy slow motion cameras that the Mythbusters use? Around 1000 and maxing out at 10,000 frames per second. This camera however is is so fast it can actually capture light moving, the benefits are also pretty amazing. But just to show you how slow this camera really is, picture this. The amount of time it takes for the light to reach the end of the bottle lasts only a nanosecond, but watching it in real time will last a whole year! So slowing it down by a factor of 10 billion gives you this amazing 10 second clip.

How it works
So how does this work? As they kill fire with fire, instead capture light with light. Essentially meaning a laser constantly flashes on and off a trillion times per second gives you a "bullet" of light as seen in the image above. Of course by taking a image this fast the amount of light that gets through is extremely small. So instead they send billions of "bullets" and weave together the data to get that clip. 

Now there not be that many applications for this technology in the first place due to the enormous size of the camera, but as it progressively gets smaller and smaller the possibilities are seemingly endless. First off we can use this technology to image our bodies without the use of x-rays. Since when these "bullets" of light are fired some of it goes in your body. And continues to bounce of inside. Using that data the camera can effectively map your body. Or a variation of that technique is using it to tell if a fruit is ripe. It could also be used to look around corners. By sending "bullets" of light at an angle, the photons will bounce of the angle and reach the object, then the photons bounce back. Then by timing when each individual photon bounces back they are able to weave together an image.  

For now we are limited to what we can do with this technology due to the size of the camera, but in a while it may finally be small enough to use in our every day lives. But it is still a very promising technology. Interested? Watch the video below.
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Sunday, August 5, 2012

Intel's New Haswell Architecture

Ultrabooks and Ivy Bridge have taken the spotlight from Intel's latest CPU revision. Following Intel's "Tick- Tock" strategy meaning a "Tick" represents a minor revision where as a "Tock" represents a major revision. Currently we're still on the tick phase, but what's coming up next will totally revamp the entire experience for any laptop. For now Intel has been quiet about their new architecture (which is why you won't here about it anytime soon), but what we do know is that Intel is really bringing a lot to the table. First off lets start with the confirmed features.

Only a few have been named, but are still enough to impress. Bringing support to a new instruction set, meaning future compatibility for programs and for enterprise customers. Plus a new socket will be used, meaning no backwards compatibility, instead it will use LGA 1150 instead of 1155 that Sandy and Ivy Bridge both used. Plus support for DirectX 11 and Open GL 3.2, meaning that it may finally be up to par with AMD's inetrgrated GPU solution. Plus DDR4 support for enterprise systems, or PC enthusiasts. Plus the release will be around 2013. 

What's Expected
This list is much longer, but seems to be correct. First of all when you look at this list you'll notice that many improvements are directed toward mobile devices. Using a 22nm process is sure to improve power efficiency meaning battery will improve. Plus according to AnandTech three versions of the GPU intergrated. GT1, GT2, and GT3. GT3 having 40 execution units and an accompanying 64MB cache meaning that graphics memory won't be shared with the RAM. These specs are similar to a low end graphics card. Just don't expect it to replace a discrete graphics card anytime. A new power saving system is also in the works (possibly Turbo Boost 3.0?). A fully integrated voltage regulator removing a component from the mother board which also improves battery life as well. Plus a 15W TDP which is a huge drop from the 35W ULV found on current gen CPUs. Of course transistors are getting smaller and smaller soon we will have 14nm and then 10nm (that's 10 atoms wide). But we can dream right?

Friday, August 3, 2012

Reuters Hacked, Fake Posts Published

The extremely popular news website was just hacked today, the result? A very sensitive article about Syria was posted. Reuters had first posted through Twitter about the hack. No major damage was done to the website overall. The only damage done was a fake post about an interview with leader of the Free Syrian Army, Riad al-Assad. Reuters claims no such interview had been done, and for now the blogging platform on Reuters has been taken down to address the problem. No word on when it will come back online, but this may be a warning to all the other news sites as well. Possibly CNN may be next or another news source but we doubt it will occur due to the fact that this hack only occurred on the blogging platform, which is more user accessible and hackable.

Samsung Confirms Successor to Galaxy Note to be Unveiled on August 29th

The popular android phone has finally got a refresh, this time a little bit early. 2 days to be exact. Just 2 days before IFA at Samsung's own Unpacked event. Much like the Galaxy SIII launch, for now we have no confirmations on the specs, but we do have a list of supposed specs. A 5.5" screen and of course ICS, plus Samsung's latest Exynos. No word yet on if the display is to be PenTile or a full RGB matrix. But I'm leaning more towards a matrix because it won't be as hard to produce due to a larger screen size. Now we just have to wait for the Galaxy Note 10.1

But I wan't to know what you guys think, should Samsung continue in increasing the screen size, or will it just become to big? I currently own a Samsung Galaxy Player 5.0 which is already big enough for me, but 5.5 may just be the perfect pocketable size for on the go entertainment. But in no means is this an iPod Shuffle, trust me.

Thursday, August 2, 2012

Final Edition of Windows 8 Leaked

Just after a day of completing the development cycle of Windows 8, an Enterprise version of this operating system has been leaked (could give you an idea where this came from). Though this isn't the full version, instead this is the "N" version meaning it doesn't have Windows Media Player pre-installed. Already this OS is available on certain torrent sites. As far as we know this is a legitimate leak. Still we wouldn't want to replace Windows 7 anytime soon. And really the Metro interface isn't worth it. But if you ever do download it, please use it in Virtual Box.

Facebook Stock Drops Below $20

Going public may have been they're biggest mistake, just after realizing the the popular social network had 83 million fake users their stock has dipped nearly half their offering price of $38. They hit an all time low of $19.91, but they closed at $20.84. This of course isn't good news at all for stock holders or Mark. The stock has been declining since their second quarter loss.

Wednesday, August 1, 2012

Republic Wireless Now Open To All

After waiting nearly a year, Republic Wireless has finally opened up for everyone. The "WiFi People" service ingeniously used Wi-Fi for using calls, texts, and of course data over Wi-Fi whenever available. Essentially  switching from VOIP and back. Now the extremely low price per month is achieved through Sprints 3G network unlike the WiMax network every other carrier is getting. Using Sprint's 3G is extremely slow, but the utilization of Wi-Fi is sure to combat that. The only phone that is currently available is the Motorola Defy XT which is definitively a step up from the previously available Optimus One, or the Optimus S. This phone is CDMA meaning you can't swap out SIM cards. But it still is a step up from the previous Optimus. The first time fee is a hefty $278, that includes the phone, start up fee, and the first month of service. After that it's a low fee of $19 per month. Hopefully more and more devices make their way to Republic's line up, but for now you're stuck with a relatively budget smartphone.

Via: Pyrito
Source: Republic Wireless

Would You Like Some Ice Cream With Your Raspberry Pi?

Since the Raspberry Pi is a Linux board it would only make sense that the most popular version would make its way to the board. ICS has finally been ported to the popular developer device. Of course now this can be used as a media device since a case has been made and is fully capable of streaming. Of course there are a few issues remaining, Audio Flinger, which is Android audio manager doesn't work, and with a few other issues with the kernel as well, so it won't be in the hands of consumers anytime soon.