Monday, July 23, 2012

USB Power Delivery Now Approved For 100W

Now you no longer need those proprietary cables, or at least will give a manufacturer a reason to ditch them. The power delivery for USB 3.0 has no been upped to 100 watts that's around 10 times what Thunderbolt can do. Of course you can't just plug in your phone for now due to the fact that it's still micro USB 2.0 and micro USB 3.0 is still years away. Though the cables will get thicker due to the high current. Of course this won't be coming out soon. But there's already is the fast charge feature on the port, but it only outputs 900 mAH which is still pretty impressive, since its almost as high as a wall charger. And of course higher than the 500 mAH output from USB 2.0. Some other applications of having a 100W capability is the possibility of external graphic cards. Sony has already done this using USB 3.0 but with 100 watts to spare they'd definitively have more breathing room, but then comes the issue of battery life...

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