Tuesday, July 24, 2012

Qualcomm Snapdragon S4 Pro Tested

Finally in the hands of tech writers, the long awaited Snapdragon S4 Pro has finally been bench marked, and boy does it impress. The Pro variant is essentially a S4 with two more cores and a new graphics chip. Replacing the old Adreno 225 with the new 320 which beats the Galaxy SIII's Mali 400 which is one of the best GPUs out there. Of course what everyone is waiting for are the benchmarks. And here they are, achieving a mind blowing score of 7,698 in Quadrant, that's around 3,000 more than the quad core Exynos. Of course battery life will be an issue, but thanks to the 28nm transistor size used in the chip it will surely help improve battery life. Hopefully this will make its way in to a Nexus device in the future, which is slated for a November release, except price will be an issue again, so it seems Google will likely go with an OMAP 5 instead, since TI has been the choice for budget devices, or possibly a Tegra 3. But hopefully this will set the benchmark for future CPUs and will push Moore's Law to the limit.

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