Thursday, July 19, 2012

POP: A 25,000 mAH charger

With our devices getting smarter and smarter and battery life getting shorter and shorter, many people need something that can keep their devices powered long enough for the day. You could go ahead and get a device such as the Motorola Droid RAZR MAXX, or keep on changing the batteries as you go along. But all those methods have their flaws, instead why don't you charge your device more often? Of course there are cases such as the Mophie, but that case only supports the iPhone or any other device, what if you want to charge a different type of device? Well the POP is here to save the day. Featuring 25,000 mAH battery built in its large enough to last you a few days actually. It's enough to charge the new iPad 1 and a half times, that translates to around 25 hours of usage or charge your phone 10 times. of course not all batteries are that large so your millage will vary. Plus this little cylinder of lithium ion is compatible with almost every device out there. Featuring a a 30 pin dock connection for Apple devices, a micro USB for Android devices and 2 full size USB ports on the bottom. Availability hasn't been announced yet due to the fact that it still needs funding. But you can help by donating on Kickstarter. For one pledge of $149 you will get the POP, and with a pledge with $169 you can get custom artwork on it. The retail price is to be set at $199 so save your self 50 bucks and go ahead and pledge $149 instead. Plus the creator hopes to add additional accessories to the POP like a speaker top or even a solar cap. The goal is $50,000 and has already reached 75% of its goal so go ahead and start pledging.


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