Saturday, July 7, 2012

Nexus 10 Tablet Arriving Soon?

With the Nexus 7 already released and with Magazines and TV released on the new store an interesting item appears. When looking through the requirements I see "10 inch tablet". This means two things, either there is a Nexus 10 tablet coming since it will be the only 10 inch device running Jelly Bean, because to access Magazines and TV you need Jelly Bean, though the APK has been released. Or it means that Google has plans of rolling out Jelly Bean very quickly in the future, so it can be listed in the requirements.

I personally think that a Nexus 10 will come out, due to the fact that they would name it a Nexus "7" because of plans of releasing a new Nexus 10 tablet. That's what Samsung did with their tablet line up and their PMP line up as well. I think that a Nexus 10 tablet will soon come out to compete with the iPad, but first Google must push tablet app development or else no Android tablet will ever be able to compete.

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