Sunday, July 8, 2012

New Kindle Fire Featuring 1280x800 Display and Will Ship in Q3 2012

Rumors are already ramping up about the soon to be announced Kindle Fire 2 with reports from Pyrito and this time AllThingsD. Allegedly AllThingsD reports that the new Kindle Fire will feature a 1280x800 display and a camera. Plus featuring a a new thinner chassis. Plus according to Pyrito the device will be shipping with a TI OMAP 5 which features a newer GPU plus dedicated encoding and decoding chips built right in so you should expect performance near a Tegra 3 or even better due to the fact that the transistor size of the OMAP 5 is 28nm compared to Tegra's 45nm so in theory the chip should be more efficient and less power hungry. Basically meaning that you will get better battery life, so that may be another feature. And remember to subscribe to our RSS feed so you can always be updated.

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