Monday, July 9, 2012

MIT Researchers Develop Chip That Gains Energy From Other Souces

Sure the solar panel is a device that can harvest energy, so what's so special about this one? This chip can harvest energy from other sources simultaneously, meaning no energy goes to waste. The key to this working is that the chip switches from source to source incredibly fast. The chip can receive energy from heat, light, and vibrations. Unlike other chips that get energy from the most plentiful source. Instead it stores energy from less plentiful sources in secondary capacitors and gets the rest from the most plentiful source. And since this device harvests energy the device it self is very power efficient. This chip could be implemented almost everywhere. Already some watches get energy from kinetic movement so implementing this device will make it capable from getting energy from the heat of your body, the sun, and the occasional bumps of everyday life. Plus it could be implemented in smart phones as well, meaning battery life would drastically improve. Already there are cases that have solar panels embedded in them, but are very clunky and aren't very practical instead it would be embedded in to the device keeping it slim. So is this the next battery, seems we'll have to wait a few years to find out.

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