Thursday, July 26, 2012

Google Fiber Goes Live!

Finally after almost a year of waiting Google Fiber has finally touched American Soil, specifically Kansas City. And what you get is pretty impressive. Reaching 1GB/s internet speeds. You heard right 1 Gigabit, That's where Ethernet Maxes out. Plus something unexpected from Google as well, TV. You heard right, Google wasn't going to just stop with TV Shows, they've moved on to live TV as well. 
Included with $120 per month is a pretty satisfying offer. You get 1 TB of Google Drive storage, Full gigabit upload & download, TV Box, network box, and something interesting which will help Google stand out from the market as well aside from the huge download speeds, a free Nexus 7. Yup, that's your remote from now on. Of course you can opt out of TV and for $70 a month you get Gigabit Internet only, and if you're a cheapskate you can get internet for free with speeds of 5Mb/s download and 1Mb/s download, that's Google's "average". Of course this isn't rolling out to all of America only starting with Kansas City, but I'm pretty sure Google has plans to expand in the future. Your move Apple. 

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