Saturday, July 7, 2012

The Galaxy Nexus Re-Appears on The Play Store

Barely after 2 days Google has been quick to put up the Galaxy Nexus on the Play Store. And it will be shipping in a quick 1-2 weeks. Of course once a week is over, the Galaxy Nexus will be gone forever :( . Hopefully Google will release a new Galaxy Nexus. If they were able to put a quad core in a tablet for under $200 they should be able to do the same for only a little bit more. But the price will be increased due to the fact of the use of an AMOLED screen, and the radios for cellular connectivity.

If Google does decide to retaliate and release a phone it should take a while due to the fact that it will have to go through the whole designing process and that they will have to make sure they don't violate Apple's patents. Plus they may have to make a deal with a new manufacturer, most likely ASUS. If they can make a phone based off the ASUS Padphone which has pretty good specs. Plus if they are able make the phone connect to a tablet or become the tablet it will totally make a dent in Apple's market share. Plus the Padphone isn't doing so well right now so if it is rebranded as a Nexus device it will sell, since it provides direct updates and no extra bloatware. Just like they did with the ASUS Memo aka the Nexus 7. 

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