Tuesday, July 17, 2012

CM9 Ported To Nexus Q

The once useless social media player or known as the Nexus Q has become a little more useful. It seems the custom ROM love has also been given to the Nexus Q. More specifically Cyanogen Mod 9 has been ported to the Nexus Q. But it isn't without its faults. Currently only the base features are working with some support for Bluetooth and WiFi. Plus for now all interfacing will have to be done through a mouse and keyboard. So now you can almost use this as computer. But I don't see why you would waste $300 on one of these. It's better to go out and get a ODROID-X or an Apple TV for a much cheaper price. But if you already have one, you should certainly look in to flashing this, because lets be honest, there really isn't a purpose for this device yet.

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