Sunday, July 22, 2012

16GB Nexus 7 Already Sold Out

Well that's quite ironic. Instead of the sub $200 tablet which was supposed to sell well it seems people are buying the 16GB version instead which is supposed to be the one that Google makes money. And the 8GB version the one where Google breaks even. But it makes sense, due to the lack of MicroSD card slot. Personally I really wouldn't mind paying $20 extra for the 8GB version just so I could add an extra 32 GB. But then again all the content you buy on the Play Store is stored on the cloud, just like the Kindle Fire. But for all the times when you're offline and you need all your media content so you don't get bored it makes sense. But if you're willing to have a USB flash drive or even a hard drive you could get a micro USB to USB and you could do that, that is, if you're willing to see things sticking out from your tablet.  So you can wait until "Coming Soon" turns in to "Add to Cart". Or you could shell out $300-$400 on eBay to get one for your self.

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