Saturday, June 30, 2012

Apple Scores a Preliminary Ban Towards Galaxy Nexus

It seems Apple's lawyers are at it again this time at Google's flagship. But what would Apple have against Google (Apart from Android). Well it turns out that its not Google, but the manufacturer of its flagship, Samsung. Apple and Samsung have a long history in terms of patent wars, and the same applies here. But the reason they're having a dispute is pretty dumb. And that is the Slide to Unlock mechanism, nevertheless Apple patented it first and has all rights to it. But you should be expecting Samsung to retaliate being the fact that it just became Google's flagship. But by judging Apple's track record it seems that they might win, since they already have given HTC a lot of trouble. And the Judge deciding the fate of the two companies thinks it's OK to halt the sales of the device and that its worth it. Well I'll have to argue with that, but until then stay tuned for updates.    

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