Friday, April 20, 2012

AMD Trinity Now Shipping!

AMD's answer to Ivy Bridge has come. Flaunting its features while running 3 monitors and playing Dirt 3 full screen while editing a word document. All at once. Part of AMD's APU line or Accelerated Processing Unit. Basically meaning graphics and CPU all under one hood much like Intel's Core i line. Except one difference. It has discrete class graphics unlike the horrible graphics found in Intel's CPUs. Hopefully this will bring an end to pricey laptops that have discrete graphics. AMD's A4,6 and 8 line is already capable of running Dirt 3. While Intel only manages to get 15+ fps. Hopefully this crawls its way in to Ultrabooks and truly gives Apple a real competitor. Since this has already started shipping it won't take long for it to get in to laptops. Plus it will soon become globally available.

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