Monday, January 9, 2012

Reasons to Root

Well you got a new tablet such as the Kindle Fire or the Nook Tablet but was looking for new apps. Surprise! Amazon and Barnes and Nobles don't allow apps which aren't approved by them (remind you of a certain company?). This gets out of the joy of open source and basically turn in to the you know who company. Well you may think you were ripped of. But guess again! Underneath that ugly skin (in my opinion at least) there's a beast waiting to be unleashed and all it needs is the key to get out of its cage. Whats the key you may ask? Its rooting. Rooting is commonly known as "Jailbreaking" by the iPhone communtity and allows you to do anything with your device (except obliterate the laws of physics, breath under water, etc.). Just like a treasure hunt rooting is very hard due to Android's massive fragmentation, unlike the iDevice line which requires one simple jailbreak. But fear not, your not the only one. In fact a massive community of developers actually create rooting utilities. But of course you need to do research or else your phone will get bricked if you become reckless (trust me) and you will soon have a $200 dollar paper weight (with a contract of course). Once you've rooted (which is the hardest part) you can do lots of things on your android phone, Such as:

Custom ROMs: This means you can load any type of Android on to your phone (with research). Meaning you don't have to wait for manufacturers to release new versions of Android. Plus some offer speed improvements which mean you can get more power out of your device.

Market: If you have a tablet such as the Kindle Fire or the Nook you know that the market is very limited and does not have many applications. If you root you can install the Market App and will have full access to all the applications the Market  has to offer.

Overclocking: If you ever feel that your phone is getting slower you can always give it a speed boost by overclocking. And will give you better scores in benchmarks and allow your user experience to be a nice one. The video posted below shows the performance on a overclocked LG Optimus One.

And much, much more: You can also get tons of other, but I just went over the main reasons to root.

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