Sunday, January 8, 2012

Pantech Element Specs Released

Well looky here, A few specifications have just been confirmed and look what we found here. A new tablet wrapped in AT&T 4G goodness. What is this tablet you ask.The Pantech Element. This 8 inch waterproof slab of silicon packs a 1.5GHz CPU and Android 3.2 (the latest version). It also contains haptic feed back, 16GB of inbuilt storage with a microSD card slot. And of course 4G, infact LTE. And from the looks of it this isn't vanilla Honeycomb. It has a custom skin and some bloatware such as AT&T Messages, Enzo Pinball, Sketchpad and Photo Frame.This retails for $299 with 2 year contract and $449 without. But ask your self, do you really need this? Just pick up an otter box case plus a screen protector and there you have it. Your very own rugged device.   


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