Friday, January 6, 2012

Intel Releases Latest Atom CPUs

Well it’s about time, Intel has just released their newest atom chips (the N2600 and N2800) which promise improved performance (dual core). And by the looks of it it seems to be very promising. 1080p playback, weeks of standby, and 10 hours of battery life. Plus this has the capability to play blu rays and allows you to output with HDMI. If this is implemented in newer tablets we could have much more potential. Plus Atom CPUs are literally the size of pennies, and stay very cool. Plus this uses the new 32nm technology, the same that’s is used on The Core i line. This lets you fit more transistors and allows more energy efficiency. The only problem is the architecture. Android and Windows Phone 7 run of architectures such as ARM. while Windows runs of an architecture such as x64 or x86 a.k.a windows tablets :( . The D2500 and D2700 also were released today, which are meant for basic desktops and all in one systems.

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