Sunday, January 15, 2012

Acer Iconia Tab A500 Review


  • Cheap
  • 1280×800 screen
  • great value
  • Great design
  • Gorilla Glass
  • Micro SD
  • Not the best build quality
  • Creaks on the side
  • Doesn’t feel solid
  • Limited apps

Thursday, January 12, 2012

Texas Instruments Demonstrates New OMAP 5 Platform

Thanks to Engadget for the picture.

Seems like Exynos lost this battle if you ask me. TI just debuted and demonstrated their OMAP 5 platform which brings a whole boat load of goodies, which Nvidia can't reach and Samsung dream of. They introduced the new dual GPU architecture which was able to play back 720p video at 30 fps and 1080p at 64 fps. But what's astounding is that it can play 1080p playback at 134 fps without screen refresh limitations.Plus it seems that the two cores for the CPU are capable of running up to 2 GHz (atleast according to their website).The reference model shown above is running Ice Cream Sandwich (4.0.1) and from other tech websites it seems to run smooth which already shows its capabilities. Texas Instruments' Remi El-Ouazzane  said that we should expect Windows 8 laptops and Ultrabooks running the OMAP 5 in 2013. As Remi El-Ouazzane quotes:

Monday, January 9, 2012

Reasons to Root

Well you got a new tablet such as the Kindle Fire or the Nook Tablet but was looking for new apps. Surprise! Amazon and Barnes and Nobles don't allow apps which aren't approved by them (remind you of a certain company?). This gets out of the joy of open source and basically turn in to the you know who company. Well you may think you were ripped of. But guess again! Underneath that ugly skin (in my opinion at least) there's a beast waiting to be unleashed and all it needs is the key to get out of its cage. Whats the key you may ask? Its rooting. Rooting is commonly known as "Jailbreaking" by the iPhone communtity and allows you to do anything with your device (except obliterate the laws of physics, breath under water, etc.). Just like a treasure hunt rooting is very hard due to Android's massive fragmentation, unlike the iDevice line which requires one simple jailbreak. But fear not, your not the only one. In fact a massive community of developers actually create rooting utilities. But of course you need to do research or else your phone will get bricked if you become reckless (trust me) and you will soon have a $200 dollar paper weight (with a contract of course). Once you've rooted (which is the hardest part) you can do lots of things on your android phone, Such as:

Sunday, January 8, 2012

Pantech Element Specs Released

Well looky here, A few specifications have just been confirmed and look what we found here. A new tablet wrapped in AT&T 4G goodness. What is this tablet you ask.The Pantech Element. This 8 inch waterproof slab of silicon packs a 1.5GHz CPU and Android 3.2 (the latest version). It also contains haptic feed back, 16GB of inbuilt storage with a microSD card slot. And of course 4G, infact LTE. And from the looks of it this isn't vanilla Honeycomb. It has a custom skin and some bloatware such as AT&T Messages, Enzo Pinball, Sketchpad and Photo Frame.This retails for $299 with 2 year contract and $449 without. But ask your self, do you really need this? Just pick up an otter box case plus a screen protector and there you have it. Your very own rugged device.   

Friday, January 6, 2012

Toshiba *also* debuts 4K TVs at CES

Well, there's not much to say here since the title explains it anyways. Anyways lets get to the details. This TV carries the same 3,840x2,160 resolution and has support for 3D just like the one released by LG a few months ago. A major downside of this TV is that it won't display its max resolution when displaying 3D content due to the stereoscopic technology being used. Instead it is dropped down to 720p which won't be that exciting (plus you may lose your bragging rights). The only thing Toshiba has that LG doesn't is the price. Yup, all 10,000 dollars of it. So will you be getting this TV or think its just a gimmick, leave a comment down below!    

Intel Releases Latest Atom CPUs

Well it’s about time, Intel has just released their newest atom chips (the N2600 and N2800) which promise improved performance (dual core). And by the looks of it it seems to be very promising. 1080p playback, weeks of standby, and 10 hours of battery life. Plus this has the capability to play blu rays and allows you to output with HDMI. If this is implemented in newer tablets we could have much more potential. Plus Atom CPUs are literally the size of pennies, and stay very cool. Plus this uses the new 32nm technology, the same that’s is used on The Core i line. This lets you fit more transistors and allows more energy efficiency. The only problem is the architecture. Android and Windows Phone 7 run of architectures such as ARM. while Windows runs of an architecture such as x64 or x86 a.k.a windows tablets :( . The D2500 and D2700 also were released today, which are meant for basic desktops and all in one systems.

LG Releases New "Ultra - Definition" 4K TVs

Fresh from CES, LG has just released their new 4K resolution TVs. Now you may be wondering how much 4k is, turns out its 3840×2160! Plus the size of the TV is huge! 84 inches of LCD goodness. Unlike Toshiba and Sony who already have 4k *projectors*, but are still extremely expensive. This TV is also 3D which means you would have a huge range of vision, in fact even your peripheral vision would see the TV because of its huge size! This would provide a truly immersible experience. The only thing I’m concerned about is the price. I mean, lets look at the math: